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About me
How did I get here
What inspires me

Interior design 

Architectural design

Sustainable Design

Community project

Project management

Cost management 

3D renders 

CAD drawings

Free mind designer initially trained as interior architect/designer with substantial experiences in Europe and UK. I worked on various scale projects: offices, private houses, residential projects for developers as Berkley, luxurious restaurants, 5 and 4 stars hotels in Paris, Montpellier, Prague, and Budapest, but also student accommodations, BTR, and co-living development.


I reconsidered my career and went travelling for a few months in South Africa where I discovered a hugely rich source of inspiration. This experience encouraged me to push my skills in sustainable design and to question my design process.  


I developed an interest in community projects by working on art installations, public spaces, and community projects as co-founder of the Sustainable Design Studio Upcircle.

My role as a tutor at KLC Design School gives me the opportunity to share my passion and knowledges.

My focus is on creating sustainable projects at the service of the community. I work with not-for-profit organisations and architects, builders, and enterprises that aim to change the building industry and produce a better tomorrow for all.

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